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On rare occasions during regular business hours, and on evenings and weekends, you will get an answering machine. The following are our telephone numbers and email addressess:

Main office telephone (202) 296-4800
fax (202) 296-4460
e-mail bap@baplaw.com
George Borsari Cell Phone (202) 374-8521
fax (202) 296-4460
e-mail grb@baplaw.com
Anne Paxson Cell phone (202) 812-4024
fax (202) 296-4460
e-mail atp@baplaw.com

We regularly and routinely receive phone calls at home, in evenings, and on weekends. If you want to talk to us, please do not hesitate to call at any time. We try to be continually available for consultation.

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